MS Eestfalia Cirius Modular Ophtalmic Laser System




MS Eestfalia Cirius Modular Ophtalmic Laser System
Description :
Unique system, which allows to combine up to 3 laser modules with different functions in one compact workstation. Cirius Qlight — solid laser disruptor (1064 nm). Cirius GreenLight — solid laser coagulator (532 nm). Cirius Trabecula — solid SLT module (532 nm).
With modular ophtalmic laser system Cirius it is possible to create rather separate workplaces for big clinics (with own laser surgery departments, specialized surgeons, numerous patients and sufficient floor space) or a combined system for various laser procedures at one workstation for small clinics.
Hermetically-sealed laser emitter and absence of built-in or external fans increase laser coagulator life by 4 times comparing with analogue lasers of other manufacturers. GreenLight module is 1.5 times smaller than the majority of well-known analogues. Green laser weight is just 7 kg.



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