MS Eestfalia Cetus Microscopes and Colposcopes




MS Eestfalia Cetus Microscopes and Colposcopes
Description :
Possibility of using in ophthalmology, otolaryngology, neurosurgery, general surgery, dentistry and gynecology. Any type of installation in operating room or in examination room due to various types of mounts: ceiling, wall, movable floor stand. Adaptation to the workspace of otolaryngologist and gynecologist.
Apochromatic optical correction reduces the probability of image error, provides fine contrast ratio, entire color reproduction with maximum focus depth.
Option of Cetus magnetic braking in combination with trim control system provides simple and easy positioning of the microscope with head fixation in required position. Switching of magnetic brakes is effected by simple pressing the button on the head of the microscope.
New version of beam divider with C-Mount provides connection of any analogue or digital cameras for video recording.
Brand new illumination type optimized for using with diagnostic and surgical microscopes Cetus.



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