Metrum Cryflex DENTOZON Dental Ozone Therapy unit




Metrum Cryflex DENTOZON Dental Ozone Therapy unit
Description :
The DENTOZON system is ideal for dental ozone therapy as it combines bactericidal, antiviral, and fungicidal properties of ozone to treat many different dental conditions. It can effectively treat caries in its initial stage because ozone has a high oxidation potential, and when used in concentration will remove 99.9% of bacteria associated with caries. You can apply ozone safe and painlessly, and it can be used during root canals because it effectively works against secondary endodontic infections, eliminating spores and vegetative forms. During the gas phase, the tiniest tubules of the root canal system are penetrated and disinfected. Ozone can also be used to disinfect a socket after the tooth has been removed, as it reduces pain and the possibility of developing an infection or dry socket. It also can improve blood microcirculation in the socket and improve tissue oxygenation.



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