Metrum Cryflex CRYOT-2




Metrum Cryflex CRYOT-2
Description :
CRYOT-2 device is portabla, smaller version of Cryo-T Duo medical device with 3 diferent nozzles: small size for neurocryostimulation, medium size for larger joints (e.g. elbow, knee), smaller areas of muscles and large size for large joints (e.g. shoulder, hips, back), larger areas of muscles. This product can be use with various sizes of gas cylinders (5 – 40 liters) with 40 – 60 minutes of continuous work with one. It has fast and easy gas cylinder replacement (siphon type gas cylinder) which is safe for patient and personnel. It’s gas is available in wide medical and technical gases distribution network with no gas losses regardless of storage period. The treatment’s physiological effects on the body include: Analgesic which provides quickly relief for approximately 3 hours, Vasomotor which triggers a rapid cycle of constriction and dilation to drain the vascular system of substances that cause pain, inflammation and swelling. It re-balances the pressure of body fluids that cause swelling and pain, Anti-Inflammatory which controls the production and synthesis of the enzymes that are responsible for acute inflammation and Muscle Relaxant which provides the above three effects combined with the vibration from sound waves help the muscle fibres to relax.



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