Metrum Cryflex CRYO-T elephant




Metrum Cryflex CRYO-T elephant
Description :
The innovative Cryo-T Elephant device provides cryotherapy and cryostimulation using liquid nitrogen (LN2). Designed to offer safer and more effective procedures, it has a new method of low temperature production by using vaporization heat of liquid nitrogen without using a heater to substantially increase the device efficiency by as much as 40% over other competitors.


Cryo machines have various specifications that determine their effectiveness and suitability for different applications. Here are some of the key specifications to consider when evaluating the T Elephant.


Cold source: Nitrogen
Guarantee: 12 months
Commercialization year: 2023
Made in: Poland, EU


Temperature range: from -180°F to -274°F
Operational features: Built-in cooling medium level indicator | Hanpiece with distance and temperature measurement | Timer/Chronometer

Design and build

Materials and fabrics


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