Medical Econet meX+1417 PGA/PCA Veterinary Radiography




Medical Econet meX+1417 PGA/PCA Veterinary Radiography
Description :
– Ultra-thin (15,9mm) DR flat panel detector with Automatic Exposure Detection
– No interface work needed, easy integration with any X-ray system
– Superb-crystal image resolution and fast acquisition time within 7 sec.
– Universal system suitable as stationary and mobile solution
– Large imaging area (34cm x 43cm) for all general radiographic exams
– Removable handle for flexible use

Sensor Type: Amorphous Silicon With TFT
X-ray Converter: Gadox Gd2O2S:Td or CsI
Dimension: 460x417x15,9mm
Active Pixel Array: 358x423mm
Weight: 3,6kg (with handle bar)
Pixel Pitch: 127μm
A / D Conversion: 14bit
Pixel Matrix: 3268×2756
Resolution lp / mm: 3,9



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