Kowa SL-17 Portable LED Slit LampUS




Kowa SL-17 Portable LED Slit
Rechargeable, cordless power supply for slit-lamp examination anywhere.
Compact and lightweight, the examiner can hand hold the unit over a long period with minimal fatigue.
Light switch is turned on when the examiner grasps the slit-lamp.
Extra-bright halogen lamp light source.
Easy, simple selection of one of three slit widths or spot illumination.
Quick, one-touch selection of 6x or 10x magnification.
Built-in blue filter.
Stand doubles as a battery recharger.
Power supply stand will accommodate recharging of both the slit-lamp and optional extra rechargeable battery.
When both the slit lamp and battery are mounted simultaneously the slit-lamp will have charging priority.



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