Kowa AP-7000 Automatic Perimeter




Kowa AP-7000 Automatic Perimeter
The new Kowa AP-7000 provides a diverse range of functions and capabilities. It has new technology and features to maximize the accuracy and efficiency of your periphery
testing. The AP-7000 performs standard kinetic perimetry as well as fundus oriented perimetry.
The AP-7000’s p-value program runs tests with intensity of probability value, making it possible to display the difference between the measured value and the normal value for
each age as a p-value, so that evaluation equivalent to total deviation in thresholds can be performed in a shorter time.
One unique feature of the AP-7000 is the installed database of over 600 results of normal eyes measured at 80°, which gives you something to compare your real world results
against. The AP-7000 is equipped with analytical indices in line with the guidelines for glaucoma.



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