Konica Minolta SONIMAGE P3 Hand-held Ultrasound




Konica Minolta SONIMAGE P3 Hand-held Ultrasound
Description :
Personal, portable, point-of-care ultrasound
Konica Minolta Medical imaging introduces the new SONIMAGE P3, a personal, portable, point-of-care ultrasound system that revolutionizes how you see your patients.
Personal :
SONIMAGE P3 strengthens clinical confidence, aids in quick diagnosis, and enhances the patient and healthcare professional experience. The ultrasound technology is easy to use in various clinical settings.

Portable :
SONIMAGE P3 is small and lightweight, enabling imaging at the point-of-care. It powers up instantly and is ready to use when and wherever you need it. Use as a stand-alone system or simply plug the handheld display unit or ultrasound probe directly into your Windows based PC, laptop or tablet running

SONIMAGE VIEW software standard with the SONIMAGE system. Ideal for occasions when you need a larger display.
Point-of-care :
SONIMAGE P3 is designed as a handheld system for emerging point-of-care markets, with a broad range of applications for both human and veterinarian markets. Ideal for any point-of-care physician or healthcare professional.



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