Konica Minolta SONIMAGE HS1 Portable Ultrasound




Konica Minolta SONIMAGE HS1 Portable Ultrasound
Description :
Sonimage HS1 powerful and portable Ultrasound System provides a high definition image, due to the combination of broadband transducers and a powerful processing platform.

Probe Technology:
– Multi-Layer Acoustic Integration Technology
– Micro Processing Technology
– Extra Broadband Transducers for effective multifrequency imaging

Powerful Platform:
– Triad Tissue Harmonic Imaging (3THI) delivers higher resolution and higher clarity imaging

Needle Visualization:
– Simple Needle Visualization Technology
– Direct Access Key

Operate Sonimage HS1 intuitively like you would use a tablet. The easy interface with only 8 physical buttons and an integrated trackball can be
fully customised to suit your preferences.


Linear Probe L18-4
– Bandwidth : 4-18 MHz
– Field of view : >38 mm

Convex Probe C5-2
– Bandwidth : 2-5 MHz
– Field of view : 70°

Sector Probe S4-2
– Bandwidth : 2-4 MHz
– Field of view : 90°

SONIMAGE HS1 (with pole cart)
– Mode : B, M, Colour Flow, Power D, PW, CW
– Monitor : Rotatable and tiltable 15 inch touchscreen
– Size (mm) : Main body (with monitor folded) W369 x D452 x H90 mm
– Pole cart (with monitor folded) W580 x D680 x H760-1040 mm
– Cart : Height-adjustable



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