Konica Minolta Drypro 873 Mammography X-ray Film Printer




Konica Minolta Drypro 873 Mammography X-ray Film Printer
Description :
The Drypro 873 features a low noise design and is ready to print in about 50 seconds. This imager is able to print 10 sheets of 14×17 inch within 4 minutes.
User-friendly low noise design
The excellent design means the unit emits less noise for a user-friendly working environment. The actual noise is turned to the lower tones with little high-frequency tones, making users feel the unit is quieter than the actual noise level. The overall noise, especially noise during the standby run, has been reduced. Even where the standby run is often used as an imager for the filmless era, it can provide a quiet working environment.
Provision of high-quality images
The image interpolation processing (pixel replication/function interpolation) has been enhanced, and intensity conversion processing has been adopted, which automatically recognizes images and letters in the images, executes proper processing, and displays smooth images and sharp letters.



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