Konica Minolta AeroDR1717 Flat Panel Detector




Konica Minolta AeroDR1717 Flat Panel Detector
Description :
AeroDR is the easiest way to achieve a digital workflow. Faster, more flexible and more intelligent. Our lightweight 17 x 17 inch CsI flat panel detector (43 x 43 cm equivalent) eliminates the need to rotate the panel inside the bucky.
The most lightweight (3.6Kg) 43 x 43 cm panel, despite being cassette size and wireless.
The 43 x 43 cm FPD Provides Increased Image Area
There is no need to rotate the panel from portrait to landscape and vice versa in the bucky tray when performing chest or abdominal X-ray procedures. The larger image area allows more anatomy to be imaged, thereby reducing positioning errors.
Shared FPD Solution
Like the 35 x 43 cm, the 43 x 43 cm panel is cassette sized and fits into the existing bucky tray or cassette holder. The panel can be carried around and shared among X-ray rooms. Moreover the 43 x 43 cm panel is a wireless cassette FPD, which enables wall stand, table and free cassette-based exams to be performed with one panel in the X-ray room.
Trickle charge
The AeroDR 43 x 43 cm flat panel detector will fit any existing wall stand or table bucky tray. Due to its unique Li-ion capacitor battery, the AeroDR is the only wireless cassette flat panel detector that provides a worry free trickle charge option via a wired connection, allowing the FPD to stay fully charged and ready for wireless use at any moment.



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