Konica Minolta AeroDR X30 Digital Mobile Radiography Unit




Konica Minolta AeroDR X30 Digital Mobile Radiography Unit
Description :
– Retractable column
– Two independent motors for easy manoeuvring
– Preview within 2 seconds
– Fully wireless

Agile – Fast – Precise
The fully motorized AeroDR X30 is very easy to manoeuvre and can be controlled with only one hand.

Keep track of your track
Navigating the AeroDR X30 in busy areas such as ICU’s, NICU’s and emergency rooms is safe and simple. By lowering the telescopic column you will have a good view of the path ahead of you.

Always ready to perform
The AeroDR detector can easily be stored and at the same time charged in the bin, even during driving. The unique Lithium-Ion Capacitor technology of the AeroDR detectors allows charging whenever and wherever without losing any performance capacity.

Seamless connectivity
Not only the AeroDR detectors provide a wireless communication for effortless use at the patient’s bedside, also the communication towards the hospital network (RIS/ PACS) is completely wireless. Images can be made available for further diagnosis right after the acquisition.



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