Konan Medical RETeval Hand-Held, Full-Field ERG




Konan Medical RETeval Hand-Held, Full-Field
ETeval is the first completely self-contained, hand-held, mobile visual electrophysiology device.
It is efficient and intuitive to administer, requires minimal (if any) changes in workflow, and allows physicians to perform visual electrophysiology testing almost anywhere.
Utilizing a miniature integrated Ganzfeld with multiple flash and flicker protocols, RETeval provides an objective, robust assessment of retinal function.
Full-field ERG is complementary to OCT, extended color vision diagnostics (ColorDx®), pattern VEP + ERG (EvokeDx®), retinal imaging, and standard automated perimetry.

RETeval Includes:
A soft eyecup that is comfortable for patients while minimizing interference from external light sources
High quality, robust materials with excellent shielding from electromagnetic interference
Dynamic luminance that allows for testing of dilated and un-dilated pupils (based on patient/physician’s needs) while maintaining constant luminance.
New to Visual Electrophysiology?
If you have been considering adding electrodiagnostics to your practice, or thought it was out of reach due to space limitations, cost, or staffing, RETeval is an affordable, practical and robust solution that helps bridge the gap between structure and function that easily integrates into your current practice.

Key Features:
Ergonomic, hand-held, mobile
Reliable and repeatable results
Suitable for adult and pediatric patients
Perform up to 70 tests between charges
Patented, easy to apply Sensor-Strip electrodes, or use the corneal electrode of your choice
Intuitive user-interface
Immediate results displayed on the device
Downloadable PDF report
Ability to run full-field flash ERG/VEP tests adhering to ISCEV standards, including all extended protocols and optional custom protocols.



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