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Konan Medical RAPDx
Description :
Konan’s RAPDx® product has enhanced the ability to view neuro-pupillary dysfunctions. In the 19th century pupil defect testing began but was difficult to perform and inconclusive until now. The notation “PERRLA-MG” regularly appears on patient records as a required part of standard eye exams, even if testing was performed and this can be inaccurate. The RAPDX® is a patented pupillograph that offers standardized, objective technology. It features infrared, HD, and machine-vision and can perform eye-tracking. The device automatically detects blinks and has stimulus rescheduling. The high-fidelity, digital technology is simulataneous and records both consensual and direct responses.
RAPDx utilizes a high-definition, machine-vision system under controlled infrared conditions to present monocular visual stimuli while recording binocular pupil responses. Unlike human observers that only see one eye response at a time, RAPDx simultaneous images both direct and consensual light responses. The power of the system is to collect a series of responses and average them into a consolidated response curve. Pupil testing is notoriously non-standardized, variable, and noisy. Response averaging significantly helps filter the noise inherent in the biological responses.
Easy, objective, quantitative, delegated, detailed … perhaps better than the finest human observer. RAPDx may be the most significant advancement in pupil testing in decades.



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