Konan Medical EvokeDx next generation icVEP | VEP | ERG




Konan Medical EvokeDx next generation icVEP | VEP | ERG
Features :
Fourier Analytics Discrete Fourier analysis is used to decompose the complex and repetitive time-based waveform into a spectrum of sinusoidal functions, “frequency components”, each quantified by an amplitude and phase value to be used with a series of Fourier statistical tools.
Patented icVEP Tests Konan’s patented Isolated Check VEP (icVEP™) is a low-contrast, high temporal frequency, sinusoidally modulated stimulus thought to target the magnocellular pathway.
Very Short Run Testing EvokeDx features a novel test administration method, “Very Short Runs”, typically 2 to 6 seconds each, enabling easier patient compliance, better staff satisfaction, and ultimately mathematically advantaged in the signal averaging process.
Test Library – 16 strategies The EvokeDx test library includes both novel and ISCEV standard visual electrophysiology systems. Grouped by icVEP, VEP, and ERG strategies, simply select the test, the eye(s) being tested, and whether recorded with one or two channels.
Low-cost, Industry Standard Electrodes EvokeDx electrode leads feature standard snap connectors to allow utilization high quality, non-proprietary EEG electrodes at as little as 1/10 the cost of proprietary electrodes used by some other vendors. Contact Konan sales for a review of how substantial this cost savings really is in your practice.
Clinical Evidence SBIR Glaucoma investigation, reported 94% and 92% accuracy respectively in separating glaucomatous from non-glaucoma patients using the patented icVEP protocol. Independent assessments in June 2013 at two sites in Beijing (TongRen and YouYi) report equivalent findings using icVEP.
Linearized OLED Monitor Off-the-shelf LCD monitors used by some other companies introduce an undesirable luminance artifact that contaminates a transient response. Our linearized Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) monitor eliminates luminance artifact while adding microsecond timing.
Integrated Gaze Monitor EvokeDx utilizes an IR gaze-monitor to assist in patient positioning, and attention / fixation during the test. A graphical heat map provides the operator with real-time feedback on the monitor while the test is being conducted.
Pediatric Tests Kid-friendly, video animations are one-touch available to capture the child’s attention and test immediately with our novel “Very Short Run” strategy. This simplifies lack of attention problems encountered with extended test sequences and re-tests from attention lapses.
Luminance Calibration A fast and simple luminance calibration feature is included to periodically verify monitor luminance output critical for precision testing. Systems are individually calibrated at manufacture, but all monitors change luminance characteristics over time. We make it easy to maintain optimum performance.



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