Konan Medical CellChek XL Specular Microscope




Konan Medical CellChek XL Specular Microscope
Descripiton :
The CellChek XL™ delivers cellular level imaging of the corneal endothelium with the industry’s most comprehensive tools for cellular morphology and trending analysis. The system is used globally for routine clinical use including many of the leading medical and surgical applications such as: ICLs (FDA labeling requires), cataract surgery and premium IOLs, glaucoma medication assessment, DSEK / DMEK, keratoconus, and corneal cross-linking (CXL). Many clinicians also use specular microscopy for clinical assessment of contact lens related corneal distress.
As a fully automated system, the CellChek XL includes non-contact pachymetry and peripheral analysis features critical for following tissue transplantation procedures. The microscope system includes 19″ touch screen, motorized table, and printer.
Fully automated and semi-automated analysis methods
Patented “Center Method™” used to support FDA clincial trials
Non-contact pachymetry
Clincial training and support
Trends analysis over time with location data



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