KERN Phase contrast microscope OBN-15




KERN Phase contrast microscope OBN-15

  • This series stands out through its wide-ranging phase-contrast feature which goes beyond the standard OBN level of quality
  • A strong and continously adjustable illumination unit ensures the optimum illumination of your samples
  • This series has a professional Koehler illumination unit with a special height-adjustable PH universal rotary condenser which can be centred as well as an aperture diaphragm and field diaphragm
  • The extremely large mechanical stage table with ergonomic, coaxial coarse and fine focusing knob on both sides enables you to adjust and focus your sample rapidly and accurately
  • The combination of a professional quintuple condenser wheel, the phase contrast condenser and the Infinity Plan phase contrast objectives makes the KERN OBN 158 a high-quality, fully-equipped microscope for all applications related to contrast procedures
  • A wide variety of modular systems, such as, for example, a swing-out condenser, various eyepieces, objectives. colour filters, a darkfield condenser, a simple polarising unit through to complete fluorescence units are available to you as accessories
  • This centring eyepiece for adjusting the phase contrast, a protective dust cover, eye cups as well as multi-lingual User instructions are included with the delivery

Scope of application:
Haematology, urology, gynaecology, dermatology, pathology, microbiology and parasitology, immunology, oncology, entomology, vets, sewage treatment plants, water analysis, breweries

specially for extremely translucent, thin, low-contrast, challenging samples (e.g. living mammal cells, bacteria, tissue) with phase contrast

Technical Data:

  • Eyepieces: HWF 10 x Ø 20 mm
  • Objective: 4x / PH10x / PH20x / PH40x / PH100x
  • Lens revolving unit: 5-times
  • Tube: 360° rotating / 30° inclined
  • Overall dimensions WxDxH: 306 x 200 x 395 mm
  • Net weight approx.: 10 kg



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