KERN Stereo Zoom Microscope OZS-5 in Microscopes




KERN Stereo Zoom Microscope OZS-5
High quality parallel optics for best images, depth of field and contrast – with extra large zoom range

  • The instruments of the OZS-5 series are special and very high quality stereo zoom microscopes with parallel optics and an above average zoom range for your demanding analyses.
  • The OZS-5 series is available as a powerful and continuously adjustable 3W LED incident and transmitted light version for optimal and high-contrast illumination of your sample or as a version without illumination.
  • The parallel optics is the highest quality optical system and provides excellent images with best contrast, colour and depth of field with fatigue-free working. Also, refocusing at zoom magnification is only necessary to a very small extent.
  • The above-average and adjustable magnification range of 8x to 80x magnification allows continuous zooming for your desired views
  • The models of the OZS-5 series are designed as trinocular version as standard and are thus prepared for the connection of a camera for documentation and quality reports
  • Due to the modular design, the column stand and the optional integrated, powerful and long-lasting LED incident and transmitted light, these models are especially flexible
  • A wide range of eyepieces, (universal) stands, a darkfield insert, external illuminators as well as attachment lenses and more are available as accessories (on request)
  • A dust cover, eyecups, as well as a multilingual operating manual are included in the scope of delivery.
  • A C-mount adapter is required for connecting a camera.

Field of application
In vitro fertilisation, detection of parasites, zoology and botany, dissection, quality control, electronics and semiconductor industry, assembly and repair

Specimens with focus on spatial impression, zoom with variable magnification (depth, thickness) e.g. insects, seeds, circuit boards, components

Technical data

  • Optical system: parallel optics
  • Illumination independently dimmable
  • Tube inclined 45
  • Magnification ratio: 10:1
  • Beam distribution 50:50
  • Interpupillary distance: 52.0-76.0 mm
  • Dioptric compensation on both sides
  • Overall dimensions WxDxH: 305x300x510 mm
  • Net weight approx. 5.7337 kg

Construction: upright
Lighting technology: transmitted lightincident lightLED lighting
Field of application: Damage analysisElectronic inspectionsParasitologyEntomology / InsectologyDermatologyArchaeologyBotanyIn vitro / cell culturesMineralogy and PetrologyGemmologyMedical devicesPlastics productionZoology
Focus: Zoom
Microscope type: stereomicroscopetrinocular microscope
Objective: Parallel optics
Power supply: 110 to 220 Vper adapterper power supply unit
Stand: Column
Enlargement: 0.8 to 8x



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