KERN OZL-44 Stereo zoom Microscope




KERN OZL-44 Stereo zoom Microscope

Flexible and easy to use, the Kern OZL-44 is a stereomicroscope with zoom capabilities. It produces high quality images with selectable levels of zoom (varies depending on model chosen) and can be supplied with either a binocular (two viewers) or trinocular (two viewers + space for a digital camera) eyepieces.

Both verions of the OZL-44 have large-size stage plates for optimal sample positioning and built-in dual illumination in the stand (0.35W transmitting and 1W incident LED lights).

Kern OZL-44 Stereo Zoom Microscope Key Features

  • Flexible, robust and easy to use stereomicroscope for use in laboratories
  • Pillar stand with dual illumination (transmitting and incident)
  • Objective zoom: 1x to 4x on OZL 441, 0.75x to 3.6x on OZL 445
  • Binocular or trinocular eyepieces (varies depending on model)
  • 360° rotatable microscope head
  • 230V mains power
  • 3 year Kern warranty included


Model Variations

This table outlines the difference between both models in the Kern OZL-44 series.

Model Tube Eyepiece Field of View (mm) Objective Zoom Stand Illumination
OZL 441 Trinocular WF 10x, 22mm diameter 23 to 5.5 diameter 1x to 4x Pillar 1W LED (incident); 0.35W LED (transmitting)
OZL 445 Binocular HWF 10x, 21.5mm diameter 28 to 6 diameter 0.75x to 3.6x Pillar 1W LED (incident); 0.35W LED (transmitting)



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