KERN Polarising microscope OPN-1 in Microscopes




KERN OPN-1 Polarising microscope: The polarising product for the adaptable and professional user

  • The KERN OPN microscopes are polarisation microscopes for professional applications
  • You can choose between two lighting systems: Standard halogen lighting (50 Watt, OPN 182) and premium lighting (100 Watt, OPN 184). Both are ideal for all common routine applications and produces excellent images
  • A revolving unit for up to 5 lenses with centring option for the lenses as well as a precise 360° specimen stage which can be rotated and locked are included with delivery as standard
  • As standard, these microscopes are fitted with wide-field eyepieces with large visual field , “Non-stress” infinitely corrected planachromatic lenses, lambda-slips, a Bertrand lens, a quartz wedge and depending on the model with many other worthwhile features
  • The following optional accessory items are available:a mechanical table attachment, a special polarisation microscope head, LWD lenses for a large working distance, various filters etc.
  • A central feature of this adaptable, robust microscope range is the stable mechanism which can be adjusted precisely. This is emphasized by the functional and ergonomic design


Construction: upright
Lighting technology: incident light
Field of application: AsbestosDetermination refractive indexMineralogy and PetrologyGemmology
Method of contrast: incident light brightfield
Microscope type: binocular microscope
Objective: planachromatic, infinity corrected


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