Ivoclar Vivadent Programat S1 Sintering Furnace




Ivoclar Vivadent Programat S1 Sintering Furnace
The Programat S1 is a light-weight and compact sintering furnace for the sintering of frameworks made of IPS e.max ZirCAD and other ZrO2 materials. New with software-version V2.0: “75 minutes is all it takes”!
With the Programat S1, long sintering processes are a thing of the past. It sinters single-tooth frameworks of zirconium oxide material in 75 minutes and zirconium bridge frameworks up to four units in 90 minutes. Conventional sinter furnaces usually take five to eight hours for this process. What does a short sintering process mean for the laboratory? Crowns and bridges with a zirconium oxide framework can be fabricated in one work day (including veneer). The short sintering process does not jeopardize the high material strength and accuracy of fit of the restoration, as scientific investigations have shown. Furthermore, less power is used.
AdvantagesSingle-tooth frameworks can be sintered in 75 minutes and bridge frameworks in 90 minutes
Speed programs for full anatomic restorations with higher translucency
Simple and language-independent operation thanks to the proven combination of membrane-sealed keypad and graphic display
Power Saving Technology: Compared with conventional sintering furnaces, up to 64% of the energy is saved with one sintering process
Compact design based on the Programat platform
Only 28 kg
Calibration possibility
OSD operating status display
Comfortable loading of the sintering chamber thanks to the furnace head tilting upwards
Removable furnace head for maintenance purposes
USB connection – easy software updates
Remote control via PC/laptop by means of PrograBase2 software


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