iCRco IDR-L Multipurpose Radiography Flat Panel Detector




iCRco IDR-L Multipurpose Radiography Flat Panel Detector
Description :
The full spine imaging detector offers clear diagnostic images via advanced ICE-2 processing. There is no image stitching and guarantees one image, one dose.
The iDR-L is a seamless and high-resolution detector that features full spine, zone scanning, and regional capabilities. It addresses all of your long-bone imaging needs and takes full-spine imaging to a whole new level.
The iDR-L method involves a long-bone radiography platform that makes use of a 17″ x 51″ detector plate which makes a cassette unnecessary. It integrates phosphor plate technology to provide higher resolution compared to standard DR while the same workflow is retained. It also sends complete imaging details to the scan processor directly and skips image stitching procedures that are lengthy.



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