iCRco iCR7200 CR system




iCRco iCR7200 CR system
The iCR7200 Dual Bay CR System defines a whole new class in the arena of multi loader CR solutions. 2 separate CR reading modules allow for simultaneous scanning of 2 plates resulting in an ultra high throughput of up to 140 14×17 plates per hour.
Both modules are based on the patented iCRco design incorporating the True Flat Scan Path, an ultra precise scan mechanism and protective cassettes to produce over 300,000 high resolution images per plate.
iCRco CR Imaging Plates are fixed to a rigid back panel. Nothing ever touches the active area of the phosphor plate resulting in artifact free images throughout the lifetime of the CR Plate.
Unlike most CR products, the iCR7200 Dual Bay CR Unit uses no rollers to transport the plate across the 2 scan heads. A positive traction drive system ensures perfect artifact free reproduction with every scan.
The iCR7200 Dual Bay Unit has been designed to be deployed in Hospitals, Orthopedic facilities and in any other environment where ultra high throughput is needed.
Enjoy the advantages of a multi loader CR system at the price of a single plate CR.



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