iCRco Chrome Duo Mammography Phosphor Screen Scanner




iCRco Chrome Duo Mammography Phosphor Screen Scanner
Description :
This technology is the only CR system that can process and scan two images simultaneously providing superior quality in a shorter duration of time. The ChromeDuo™ mammography system is the latest in iCRco digital imaging technology. The Chrome-Duo System combines two powerful technologies the ultra-high resolution sensor and the dual –bay cassette system. For faster throughput and Simultaneous scanning plus Clear Diagnostic Images and Advanced ICE-M Processing the ChromeDuo™ is able to produce images with 10 lp/m at a scanning resolution of 50 microns.

Small is the new big. Introducing the iCRco Chrome – a lightweight, compact, and affordable Digital X-Ray tabletop CR scanner designed specifically for the modern Veterinary practice. This affordable, single-plate reader produces amazing image quality and is backed by powerful optics, sensors, and a solid-state, mechanical drive system. Physicians that require a reliable imaging system can now achieve amazing workflow at a much lower cost than comparable computer radiography solutions. Powered by ICE-2 ICE-2 is the next generation of image processing. We upgraded our processing algorithm to enhance visuals, maximize resolution, and offer advanced evaluation tools for image manipulation. Our automatic image processing package increases visualization of fine-line detail and soft-tissue contrast. The Smart Smoothing™ technology improves image quality while preserving diagnostic detail for thicker body parts. Specifications We can scale the Chrome system to fit your practice needs. Possible upgrades include: increased throughput, a barcode reader, higher quality optical sensors, and an embedded PC. True Flat Scan Path A common problem with many computed radiography scanners is that phosphor screens are damaged over time as they are bent, folded, or bumped. Chrome overcomes this dilemma through our True Flat Scan Path™ (TFSP) technology. Our phosphor screens never leave the protecting casings of the cassette, thus preserving image quality and preventing damage during image acquisition.



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