Huvitz HS-7000 Slit Lamp




Huvitz HS-7000 Slit Lamp
Description :
Huvitz, an industry-leading slit lamp manufacturer and world-class optics designer, invites you to compare its slit lamps with competitors’ to discover the difference in clarity and overall quality. The HS-7000 Slit Lamp features a Haag-Streit Style Tower Illumination system. It uses a Galilean Converging Binocular Optical System and a five-position drum style magnification changer to deliver outstanding zoom, from 6x to 40x. And, for even greater flexibility, the 7000 model offers two eyepieces—10x and 12.5x. The HS-7000 also features five built-in filters (including yellow), an omnidirectional joystick with trigger button, and a high luminance halogen lamp that provides the purest possible image every time. All of this, plus the top quality craftsmanship that you get with a Huvitz product, make the HS-7000 an excellent choice. LED or Halogen light source option.



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