Huvitz HPE-8000 Optical Lens Edger




Huvitz HPE-8000 Optical Lens Edger
Step Bevel function
High Curve function in order to process sports goggles and sunglasses Step Bevel function(maximum lens curve 6.00, maximum depth 6mm)

Feature packed and highly detailed custom bevel
Mini Bevel adjusts the height of the bevel apex eliminating unsightly bevel reflection on frames with a shallow eyewire (Min. 0.1mm~Max. 0.8mm)
Partial grooving function makes it possible to place a desired size groove in a designated section of the lens
Hybrid Grooving offers the ability to place different finishes from section to section on a lens such as cutting a groove and a bevel

Variable Asymmetric Bevel & Semi-U Bevel
It makes accuracy of lens processing side high by adjusting the depth of bevel’s top and bottom and right and left side separately

Scan & Cut
Scan & Cut function makes it possible to scan and cut a designated image(HAB-8000, HDM-8000 Combination)

Convenience & Expandability
OMA compliancy eliminates without wasted time
Easy Click (Chemestrie Clips) function for processing detachable magnetic overlays for plano fashion sunglass lenses or custom prescription applications



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