Haag Streit Octopus 900 Perimeter




Haag Streit Octopus 900 Perimeter
Six Methods – One Perimeter
100% Fixation Control – 100% of the Time.
Lightning-fast full threshold exams in fewer than 150 seconds
EyeSuite™ Software Analysis with networkable system and EMR Integration.
Goldmann Kinetic Perimetry in both manual and semi-automated modalities utilizing our full 90 Degree standard Goldmann bowl
Improved Patient Comfort and Greater Flexibility,
Six Methods – One Perimeter.
Static White/White – Track progression of disease
Blue/Yellow – Early detection with a clear media
Flicker – Early detection through a lens opacity
Low Vision – End stage disease
Goldmann Kinetic – Ideal for testing outside 30 degrees and for end-stage disease
Red/White – Special drug-induced maculopathies
100% Fixation Control – 100% of the Time.
100% Eye Fixation Control – if fixation is lost, no stimulus is presented.
Automatic Eye Tracking allows the instrument to track and adjust pupil automatically
Chin Rest Sensors – If patient pulls away, test pauses
Refractive Lens Control Sensors – Denotes proper range of refractive lenses
Automatic Pupil Measurement
Full Threshold in less than 150 seconds
Avoid errors caused by patient and retinal fatigue. ALL Octopus Perimeters come standard with our TOP (Tendency Oriented Perimetry) test strategy which provides a full 30 degree thresholds in less than 3 minutes per eye, whether you are running our 32 (30-2), G (Glaucoma Diagnostic) or M (Macula) thresholds.
EyeSuite™ Software Analysis.
Our EyeSuite™ Software allows for extensive and comprehensive analysis right at your fingertips. Unique physiological-based Polar and Cluster Graphs available.
Our clear 7-in-1 printout presents the most complete information needed for the assessment of your fields. Also, printout both eyes on one page by utilizing our 2-in-1 report and depicting your favorite graph.
Network compatibility allows results to be viewed on multiple viewing stations
Patient data is already saved to a pc and can be printed easily in an electronic format making EMR compatibility a snap.



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