Haag Streit Octopus 600 Perimeter




Haag Streit Octopus 600 Perimeter
See the new pulse in perimetry
Novel perimeter technology for early diagnosis and standard white-on-white perimetry in one compact sized instrument.
Easy, straight forward operation with touch screen optimized and networkable EyeSuite® software that saves you and your patients time.
World innovation in perimetry – fast and reliable Pulsar test method for early glaucoma detection.
A perfect team: Early diagnosis and standard white-on-white perimetry in one device
The Octopus® 600 extends the successful HAAGSTREIT product range of visual field analysers combining the Pulsar method for early glaucoma detection and standard white-on-white perimetry for long term follow-up in one compact and standalone device. It is the first visual field analyser that performs standard white-on-white perimetry on an integrated flicker-free screen, using TFT and LED technology.
-Standalone or network integration
-Small footprint
-Maintenance-free LED background illumination
-No darkroom required



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