Haag Streit BP 900 Digital Video / Photo Slit Lamp




Haag Streit BP 900 Digital Video / Photo Slit Lamp
Three magnifications and imaging capabilities. Designed for routine practice, the BP 900 has a redesigned optical system. Two optical beam splitters, one for video, one for digital photography, allow the attachment of a consumer market digital cameras.
Magnification Changer Change between 10, 16 and 25 X magnification by means of a simple control on the side of the microscope.
Beam Splitter There are two optional beam splitters: one for video and one for digital photography. Each accepts commercially available cameras. 70% of the reflected light from the image is directed to the camera or video.
Joystick with Illumination Control A push button on the top of the joystick, unique to the BP 900, allows for the control of illumination levels.



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