Haag Streit BD 900 Slit Lamp




Haag Streit BD 900 Slit Lamp
The BD 900 Slit Lamp
The BD is optimized for the optician, optometrist, contact lens practitioners and ophthalmologists specializing in the anterior segment. It is also ideal for non-ophthalmologist within emergency rooms. Video- c-mount camera on the BD 900- may be fitted through a built-in video port. Standard magnification in 10 and 16 X times- through the flip of a lever placed just beneath the microscope.
Video Port A video port is included with the BD 900. The image is diverted to the camera by means of a small prism permanently placed within the microscope.
The video port on the BD 900 accepts a small C-Mount camera.
Yellow Filter For good contrast enhancement when using Fluoresceine, simply turn the filter positioned at the front of the microscope.
Instrument Base A smooth to operate instrument base with a continuously adjustable illumination control conveniently sited next to the joystick.
Illumination With a single support column the BD 900 allows optimal access to the patient. The halogen bulb gives up to 300,000 Lux illumination. The slit lamp adjusts from 0-14 mm. UV and IR filters are built-in and blue, red and grey filters can be introduced as needed.



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