Gymna ShockMaster ICE-CT




The Shockmaster ICE-CT from Gymna is an effective and efficient produce that ensures a constant temperature on the treatment zone. The Shockmaster ICE-CT is the first Cryotherapy device that uses an infrared (bio-feedback) system. The Shockmaster ICE-CT cools down surrounding air for Cryotherapy, which can be then used for local anesthesia (analgesia) for pain relief and active rehabilitation, motor effects to improve mobility and for anti-inflammation by combination of cold and compression with powerful cold airflow. The Shockmaster ICE-CT is incorporated with Guided Therapy System (GTS). Using this technology the system automatically selects the best therapy form and parameters. With Guided Therapy System (GTS), one doesn’t have to preset the technical parameters manually. Top features of the Shockmaster ICE-CT are innovative biofeedback system (Infrared technology), efficient thermal shock, constant temperature on the treatment zone, no gas refills required and simple control panel with large LCD screen.



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