Essilor Ergovision Digital Vision Screener




Essilor Ergovision Digital Vision Screener
Description :
Within a short span of time, the advanced and modernized Ergovision facilitates the performance of a standard vision experiment automatically. The major beneficiaries of this device are patients who have shortsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism or hypermetropism. A synthesized speech of high resolution guides the experiment, thereby relieving the practitioner from recurring operations. Participation of patients is guaranteed by straightforward questions and easy tests.
The reply buttons are situated on both sides of the device and pressed by the patients for answering the questions. Interpretation of the results of the test calls for an instant and noiseless print out of the report. The 13 extra tests, which are used for supplementary experiments, facilitate the performance of a modified examination. This builds up the work condition of the patient.
This addresses the abilities of the patients’ visual functions to assure his/her working security, effectiveness and comfort. In this process, an assessment whether the vision of the patients conforms to his work requirements could be undertaken, keeping in mind some of the symptoms.

MODEL YEAR :  2023


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