Enraf-Nonius Vacotron 460 Classic



Description :
The application of electro-therapy is even easier when using the Vacotron 460. Treating body parts where the positioning of rubber electrodes is not possible are easy to treat by means of this vacuum unit.
Can be connected to all the electrotherapy and combination units of the 4-series
Quick application of vacuum electrodes on positions where fixation straps cannot be used
Continuous and intermittent suction strength
Accurate adjustment of the suction strength
Unique cable connection for fast application of rubber electrodes
Designed for integration on the EN-Car 4
Can also be used as tabletop model.

Standard accessoires
3444298 Mains cable 230V – EUR
3444112 Patient cable 2-core, with 2 mm male plugs
3444503 Vacuum electrodes O 60 mm, set of 2
3444505 Sponges O 65 mm, set of 4 (for vacuum electrodes O 60 mm)
3444098 Water reservoir for Vacotron 460 and 560
3444078 Dummy plug
1490750 Operating manual Vacotron 460 and 560
3444507 Electrode cable red
3444508 Electrode cable black
3444508 Electrode cable black



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