Enraf Nonius Sonopuls 692




Complete equipment for ultrasound, electro and combination therapy with superior ease of use and maximum comfort. The comfort of ease of use Imagine: Operating all forms of therapy with just one hand. Purely by touch, just like your computer’s mouse. And being able to call up the treatment protocol of your choice directly on the colour LCD screen, so that you can fully concentrate on your client. Doesn’t that sound comfortable? Well, it is possible. With the fully intuitively operated 6 series of treatment units for ultrasound and/or electrotherapy. This unique innovation from Enraf-Nonius makes work in your practice that bit more pleasant and efficient and also helps you to increase further the intensity (and the effect) of the treatment. Versatile The Sonopuls 692 is a versatile and highly advanced piece of equipment for ultrasound, electro and combination therapy. It offers all the options for the universal application of ultrasound with frequencies of 1 and 3 MHz. With these frequencies, both deep and surface tissue structures can be selectively treated. Continuous and pulsing applications of ultrasound are both possible for this. In addition, the Sonopuls 692 offers seventeen different types of current that can be applied as desired, possibly in combination with the ultrasound. Precise and helpful information on the display The crystal clear and scratch-resistant LCD colour screen does not leave anything to be desired regarding clarity. The Sonopuls 692 is equipped with an exceptionally efficient therapy assistant; an aid that will quickly prove indispensable in your practice. You have all the relevant treatment protocols immediately to hand. You can access all functions with the fingers of one hand, including information on the desired placement of the electrodes or the therapy that you wish to apply. In addition, for each client you can create a separate protocol with the therapy wizard and store it in memory. At the next repeat consultation, you have the information available again in seconds and can get to work straightaway. The optimal ultrasound dosage The Sonopuls 692 provides you with certainty concerning the actual power given from the ultrasound heads. The Enraf-Nonius equipment responds to the impedance of the underlying tissue and thus offers the possibility of setting the dosage extremely accurately.

Standard accessoires
1460266 Moist pads for rubber electrode 6×8 cm, set of 4
1601901 Multi-frequency treatment head, large (5 cm2), 1 & 3 MHz
3444020 Strap 100×3 cm
3444021 Strap 250×3 cm
3444102 Patient cable 2-core & 2 mm male plugs – black
3444119 Patient cable 2-core & 2 mm male plugs – purple
3444129 Rubber electrodes 6×8 cm, 2 mm female, set of 2
3444290 Mains cable 230V – EUR
9999408 Contact-gel, bottle 250 ml, 1 piece
3440001 Screwdriver 6-series



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