Enraf Nonius Myomed 632X




Enraf Nonius Myomed 632X
Myofeedback involves registering the electrical muscle activity using surface electrodes or cavity electrodes. The Myomed 632 is easy to operate and ensures that the therapist and patient receive feedback on the results. The feedback is provided visually via the LCD-screen that clearly displays the pre-set threshold values and the muscle contractions of the patient. An acoustic signal is also possible that indicates whether or not the patient achieves the selected values. The rough EMG-signal is audible via headphones. The therapist does not require any labour-intensive supervision, as the Myomed 632 safely guides the patient through the exercises!
Myomed 632X has the ability to communicate with a PC or Laptop.
A larger screen is often desirable in order to improve the visualisation of the myofeedback. The module X (optional) makes it possible to display the measurements on a larger screen. Comfortable, particularly for the partially sighted patient, who can view the results without difficulty. The Myocombox can be combined with any LCD-screen. The size of the screen is up to you! As the communication is via bluetooth, it does not matter where the screen and the Myocombox are positioned. The Myocombox is also used for data transmission. The results of the measurements are sent to the Myocombox, which then programmes the results on an USB-stick. The data can then be processed by an external PC, in a professional report, for example. The Myocombox will prove to be a welcome assistant for any modern therapist!
The Myomed 632 enables the patient to exercise safely, which efficiently promotes recovery !

Standard Accessories
EMG Cable 6-series
Cable for reference electrode for EMG-6-series
Set of 8 pcs. adhesive electrodes for stimulation & EMG
Moist pads for rubber electrode 6×8 cm, set of 4
Rubber electrodes 6×8 cm, 2 mm female, 2×2 pc.
Patient cable 2-core & 2 mm male plugs-black
Patient cable 2-core & 2 mm male plugs-purple
Strap 100×3 cm
Strap 250×3 cm
Mains cable 230V-EUR
User manual



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