Enraf-Nonius Myomed 134 Therapy Unit




Description :
Surface electromyography is another great addition to the arsenal of methods of physiotherapy. With 134 Myomed company Enraf-Nonius has allowed the use of biofeedback in combination with electrotherapy. Myomed 134 acts as a “stethoscope for the muscles”, showing how the patient responds to the instructions and guidance of a physiotherapist correction. 134 Myomed advantage of the camera is that it shows precisely the effects of physiotherapy.
Basic features:
Two independent channels of EMG Feedback
One vacuum channel feedback
2 channels electrotherapy (TENS)
current type: biphasic symmetric
Phase duration: 10-500 ms
Amplitude: 0-80 mA
wide measurement range (0.28 mV – 150 mV) enables the measurement of large and small muscle groups
Standard accessories:

snap-fit ??round entrance 2 mm 3 pieces – 3,444,667
battery Myomed 134 – 3444172
cable for reference electrode to Myomed 134 – 3444173
Multilingual Manual CD Myomed 134 – 1437755
dual-core patient cable, plug “banana” 2 mm – red – 3,444,119
dual-core patient cable, plug “banana” 2 mm – black – 3,444,102
1524 100-240V power supply ENA
230V power cord – EUR
set of 8 pcs. adhesive electrodes to stimulate the EMG.



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