Enraf Nonius EndoLaser 422




The Endolaser 422 is an advanced and modern designed unit for
laser therapy with interchangeable laser probes. Laser therapy, also
known as photobiomodulation, low level laser therapy (LLLT), cold
laser therapy and laser biostimulation, is an effective method for:
– Pain management
– Wound healing
– Soft tissue injury treatment
– Nerve regeneration
– Skin treatment (esp. for Acne)
– Cosmetic regeneration
Laser is applied to the anatomical region of interest by means of
a diode probe. This application can be static and very localized or
dynamic for larger regions. In general a treatment only takes a few
minutes. This effectiveness and the short application time make la
-ser therapy with the Endolaser 422 a valuable part of a complete
treatment session



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