Dürr VS300S




Dürr VS300S

With legislation in place stating the need for amalgam separation, the Durr VSA 300 S Suction Pump’s fully integrated centrifuge separator is a must.

Typically this unit will be located within a base unit in the surgery cabinetry range and can be forgotten about until an alarm sounds from its user friendly interface.

With the requirements placed on a single surgery suction unit with amalgam separation along with the separation or air, secretion and waste, Durr have cleverly squeezed everything in to the compact VSA 300 S.

Key features of the Durr VSA 300 S Suction Pump are:

Compact unit with the ability to fit into a 400mm base unit.

User friendly unit both for the control interface and the actual general maintenance.

Simple process for exchanging and empting amalgam collection.

Availability of a sound proof housing to allow for choice of positioning within surgery.

Self contained fan for cooling and additional ventilation upgrades available.

The choice of suction unit is a key part within the planning process of any surgery layout. The choice to opt for a single surgery unit such as the Durr Suction Pump VSA 300 S is a good option with minimal surgery downtime in mind, for example if one of the units does happen to become faulty then it will only be that particular surgery that does not have suction rather than the entire practice.

Technical specification:

Voltage (V 1~): 230

Frequency (Hz): 50 – 60

Current consumption (A): 2.9 – 3.7

Power (kW): 0.58 – 0.8

Speed (rpm): 2,850

Vacuum (mbar): 180

Cyclic duration factor (S1): 100 %

Max. fluid flow rate (l/min): 4

Noise level dB(A) approx. 63 – 65, with housing approx. 54-56

Dimensions (H x W x D cm): 37 x 31 x 31

51 x 36 x 36 (with housing)

Weight (kg): 12.5, with housing 20



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