Durr VistaVox S




Durr VistaVox S

Taking 3D diagnostics to the next level – VistaVox S generates a 3D volume ideally adapted to the contour of the jaw

The USP of the VistaVox S is found in the ideal 3D imaging volume which is oriented to the human anatomy. The jaw-shaped field of view of the VistaVox S maps the diagnostically relevant range of a 130-mm volume and is therefore visibly larger than the most commonly used volume of Ø 80 x 80 mm. The advantage: Thanks to this changed volume shape, VistaVox S also completely covers the region of the rear molars – an essential requirement for diagnostics, e.g. for an impacted wisdom tooth. In addition to that, VistaVox S offers ten further Ø 50 x 50 mm volumes: five each for the upper jaw and for the lower jaws. These are used if the indication only requires imaging of a certain region of the jaw, e.g. for endodontical or implantological treatments. Depending on the required level of detail in the image, the volumes can be used with a resolution of either 80 or 120 μm. Supplemented by the 17 panoramic programmes in the tried-and-tested S-pan technology, this provides dental practices with excellent imaging diagnostics in both the 2D and 3D areas.

This is what counts:

Ideal 3D imaging volume matched to the shape of the jaw

Ø 50 x 50 mm volumes in 80 or 120 μm resolution

2D and 3D images from one unit

Excellent image quality in 2D and 3D thanks to the high-resolution CsI sensor with a pixel size of 49.5 μm

Reduced radiation dose thanks to the anatomically adapted volume

Dose reduced by up to 62% in SQ mode

Metal artefact reduction in 3D and 2D images

7″ touchscreen for intuitive operation

Modern, ergonomic image processing software VistaSoft


2D images with exceptional image quality

VistaVox S offers not only excellent value for money, but will also help you and your surgery team to increase your flexibility. In addition to CBCT images, the S-pan technology of the VistaVox S can be used to generate brilliant panoramic images, which set new standards in the image sharpness of extraoral images.

This is what counts:

S-Pan technology for easier diagnostics

CsI sensor for improved image quality and reduced radiation exposure

Extremely fast, panoramic image in 7 sec.

Tolerant of typical positioning errors – thanks to the S-Pan technology



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