Durr Vector Scaler




Durr Vector Scaler

A technical and optical highlight

The piezoceramic drive of the Vector Scaler enables the efficient removal of dental plaque whilst providing the best possible protection for sensitive tissue structures.

The ergonomic handpiece has six powerful, long-life LEDs to ensure optimum illumination – even in places that are otherwise hard to see. The sterilisable light conductor is of a particularly high quality

Intelligent and sophisticated technology

Modern, ergonomic design

Easy to use

Innovative, long-life LED illumination to ensure safe work

Intelligent disinfection and cleaning program

Vector Scaler technical data

Connection values (V/Hz) 230, 50/60

Working frequency (kHz) 25–35

Water container filling amount (ml) 600

Scaler handpiece water consumption (ml/min) approx. 30

Dimensions (H x D x W cm) 16 x 21.5 x 15.3

Weight (kg) 1.9



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