Direx Themis Lithotripsy Laser




Direx Themis Lithotripsy Laser
Description :
Themis is a 30W Holmium Laser with unique “Protect” fiber technology. High standards have been set with intracorporeal stone fragmentation and various soft tissue procedures. The “Protect” function of Themis is perfect for surgical urological procedures as well as soft tissue treatments in general surgery. It has a functioning holmium laser with 2.1 micron wavelength emision, highly absorbable by water and soft tissue. Urology applications include: Uretral stone treatments, kidney stone treatments, bladder tumors, structures, P.C.N.L., T.U.I.P. What separates Themis from competition is its unique short pulse operation (150 ?/sec.) which allows for highly effective calculi fragmentation, and also its long pulse operation (800 ?/sec.) for the cutting and coagulation of soft tissue which will provide excellent haemostasis. Also, its 30W/3 Joule high-power green aiming beam allows the physician to see where treatment will be made more accurately which leads to shortr treatment times.



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