Direx Integra Extracorporeal Lithotripter




Direx Integra Extracorporeal Lithotripter
Description :
Interga offers a State-of-the-Art Electromagnetic SWL System. The device is induced with innovative imaging, shockwave technology and is revolutionary architecture oriented for accurate and effective imaging. The single unit architecture is an integration of treatment table, fluoroscopy and shockwave unit which minimizes the time of setup, coupling and treatment. The device with one view localized method enables easy rotation of X-ray unit providing a concise design and footprint. Its vertical shockwaves eases the patient’s positioning making an in-line fluoroscopy for immediate treatment procedures. Interga is well known for using the vertical oriented shockwave instead of the lateral orientation followed by majority of the lithotripers through the patient’s back. The technological device provides high quality accurate images in a short period of time with an increased efficiency for better diagnostics.



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