Direx Empro Microwave Diathermy Unit




Direx Empro Microwave Diathermy Unit
Description :
The Tempro thermal therapy system by Direx takes an innovative approach in the treatment of chronic prostatitis. Prostatitis is an inflammation of the prostate glad that frequently causes swelling and pain. Existing treatments have not always been successful in providing relief. The one approach that generally provides a measure of relief is to apply heat to the inflamed area. Applying heat directly to the source of the problem is something that has not always been easy to accomplish, at least not efficiently. The Thermo system has put to use RF technology to accomplish this task.
Providing heat to prostatic tissue with the help of radio-frequency waves is both safe and effective in that the heat that is generated can be precisely controlled. The Tempro system requires neither a cooling system nor the need for rectal temperature probes. The treatment provided can also be customized to the individual patient.



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