Denstply CAVITRON® Silver PLUS




Denstply CAVITRON® Silver PLUS
360° Wireless foot control provides ease of operation and mobility.
Automated Purge Function enables you to do another task while the system flushes and allows easier adherence to infection control guidelines.
Rinse function without cavitation allows for irrigation or flushing of debris in the procedual area.
Illuminated information center provides indication of function in use and quick assessment of the unit for easy troubleshooting
SPS technology (Sustained Performance System) works like cruise control in your car to maintain scaling effectiveness even at ultra low power settings
Extended low power range provides an extended low power range for comfortable subgingival scaling.
Temporary hands free boost mode allows quick removal of tanacious calculus by pressing the second position on the foot control.
Steri-mate handpiece is detachable and autoclavable. The handpiece cable with swivel allows 330° rotation providing ergonomic benefits by reducing cable drag and minimizing hand fatigue.Cavitron® Plus™ Silver Package
Contains: 1 Cavitron® Plus ultrasonic scaler with Steri-Mate handpiece,1 Cavitron® THINSert® ultrasonic insert, 2 FSI-SLI 10S insert, 2 FSI®-1000 insert, 1 Midwest® RDH® handpiece, 1 box of 100 NUPRO® revolv® prophy angles, 3 Year Warranty.


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