Cassini Keratometer / Corneal Topograph




Cassini Keratometer / Corneal Topograph
Multicolor LED Ray-Tracing combined with 2nd
Purkinje Imaging Technology
Axis repeatability within 3 degrees
Diopter range 4.00D – 171.00D
Display K-values per zone 3 / 5 / 7 / 9 mm
Instantaneous Auto Capturing
Measurement Quality Factor parameter
Topographic indices: Shape factor, eccentricity,
Asphericity, form factor
Keratoconus indices: Surface Asymmetry Index,
Surface Regularity Index
Submicron accuracy due to color LED triangulation
technology <0.8µm

Pupillometry programs – mesopic & photopic
HD External Ocular Photography
Topographic maps: Axial, Refractive, Tangential,
Elevation, Recorded Image and High Order Aberrations
Multiple color scale options
Incorporated Patient management program
Connectivity: Femto secondlasers, Guidance systems,
Toric IOL calculators, USB, Direct print, PDF, JPG,
PNG, Exce



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