Carl Zeiss VISULAS Trion Combi




Carl Zeiss VISULAS Trion Combi
Four different wavelenghts for frequently varying laser applications
The VISULAS® Trion Combi from Carl Zeiss combines the multi-wavelength laser VISULAS Trion for posterior photocoagulation with the VISULAS YAG III for anterior photodisruption. This multi-purpose laser provides four different wavelengths for the three most common therapeutic laser applications in a single compact workplace for the first time. The VISULAS Trion Combi is excellently suited for performing iridotomies with pre-coagulation: a single touch of the control panel switches the interface from the photocoagulation to the photodisruption mode.
Legendary ZEISS optics
For decades Carl Zeiss Meditec has been developing high-quality therapeutic lasers featuring outstanding precision and legendary optics from ZEISS. Perfectly integrated laser slit lamps guarantee superior slit lamp image quality, which is an important requirement for reproducible clinical results.



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