Carl Zeiss Visalis 100




Carl Zeiss Visalis 100
After experiencing the release 2.0 of the Visalis® 100 from ZEISS, surgeons provided exciting feedback on phaco efficiency:
95 % of cases showed outstanding followability1
100 % experienced superior chamber stability1
98 % of hard cataract cases confirmed extremely good ultrasound performance1
Unique features for your patients
The capturing followability1 of the ZEISS Visalis 100 attracts and continuously engages nucleus fragments on the phaco tip. Unique in its class, it enables a
1.8 mm incision, reducing surgically induced astigmatism and accelerating wound healing as described in the literature. The Adaptive Power Control measures and stabilizes the tip stroke, resulting in potentially less stress for your patient?s eye. Together with the new pulse modes allowing you to minimize the energy applied, the ZEISS Visalis 100 sharply focuses on your patient?s eye.



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