Carestream Dental RVG 6500




Carestream Dental RVG 6500
The RVG 6500 System features the latest innovations in digital radiography—while still delivering the highest image resolution (> 20 lp/mm). Since it’s Wi-Fi enabled, you can also keep your operatories cable-free. The result: faster, better mobile performance with no loss in image quality. With a system this flexible and affordable, the RVG 6500 System is the ideal solution for even the most demanding applications.

The RVG 6500 System provides the following features and benefits:
Built To Last

Thanks to rigorous design and testing all RVG sensors provide maximum durability and flexibility. Completely waterproof, RVG sensors can be safely submerged in disinfectant. The shock-resistant cases and silicon padding offers protection from falls, bites, and other damage. In addition, a lead barrier helps prevent damage due to repeated high exposure—ensuring a long lifespan with an attractive return of investment.

Sensor durability is so important to Carestream Dental that we have a lab dedicated to analyzing the robustness of the RVG sensors. Testing ensures they meet strict design standards for durability, cord flexibility, and submergibility. Each sensor is also tested during every stage of the manufacturing process to ensure they meet our quality and imaging performance standards.



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