Carestream dental CS 8100 Digital Panoramic System




Carestream Dental is proud to introduce a new digital panoramic
system—the CS 8100. With the CS 8100, all of the traditional panoramic
system features have been revisited and enhanced in order to bring an
innovative panoramic concept to the market—combining the very latest
technologies and features into one compact system to help dental
professionals provide the best patient care while making their daily work
simpler and more intuitive.

Why another digital panoramic unit now?
Over the past five years, we have launched products with an increasing level of sophistication in terms
of features—mainly in the direction of 3D technology. While introducing another product in this market
segment may have been a natural fit, Carestream Dental decided to come back to the basics— the
ones on which Carestream Dental has been able to establish its undisputable success in the extraoral
industry: latest technology, easy to use and affordable.
Ten years after the launch of the world first “affordable digital panoramic system”—the very successful
Trophypan / 8000 system—the introduction of the CS 8100 is aimed at the very large portion of the
dental professionals who still have an analog pan or no panoramic unit at all.
The panoramic market opportunity is huge, despite the new trends in 3D. Traditional 2D extraoral
exams still represent the main extraoral needs for oral health professionals around the world.

A strong business and innovation background
The CS 8100 is much more than a new product in our range; it is the aggregation of almost 30 years of
continuous innovations. Each of our key steps—from Digipan (the first digital extraoral sensor
introduced in 1995), Trophypan (the first affordable digital pan introduced in 2002), CS 9000 3D (the
first affordable 3D system introduced in 2007), and the CS 9300 (the most versatile all-in-one solution
introduced in 2011) —has built Carestream Dental’s strength in the extraoral industry, paving the way
for a second-generation extraoral system that sets a new standard for digital panoramic technology.

Features at a glance
Perfect for everyday panoramic needs
Effortless high-quality digital results
Advanced technology ensures sharp, detailed, optimally contrasted images
Outstanding value for money
Sleek, ultra-compact and elegant unit that fits into tight spaces
Open, face-to-face design is comfortable for patients sitting
or standing, and accessible to wheelchairs
“Plug-and-pan” solution—easy to install, learn, and use
Exclusive 2D+ technology* allows users to generate thin slices along
the jaw for a new level of detail



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